John O'Farrell

This series of posts starts off with a short quiz for the startup CEO:

Q: Who’s responsible for developing your product?
A: That’s easy—Engineering!

Q: Who in your company is responsible for selling your product?
A: That’s easy, too—Sales!

Q: Who in your company has primary responsibility for:

  • Mapping and networking your ecosystem?
  • Building long-term relationships and driving deals with strategic partners?
  • Identifying, evaluating and executing acquisitions?
  • Developing and executing your strategy to go global?
  • Working with you to tackle major strategic opportunities, including existential crises?

A: In many startups, the answer to this one is, “That’s no one’s job yet.”  What’s your answer?

Seizing the transformational opportunity

Given the all-consuming nature of a startup, it’s natural to be focused on your own company first, then on customers and competitors.  What’s often under-appreciated is the importance of expanding that focus to cover the other…

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